Sorry Bill, Brady Doesn’t Need You

Bill Belichick was fine with letting Tom Brady depart to Tampa Bay. Coach Belichick clearly believed he could win with another quarterback and we saw how that turned out.

Yes, I know it’s just one season but he went 7-9 and still doesn’t know who is going to be his starting quarterback next season.

On the other hand, his former quarterback is probably going to have a statue in both New England and Tampa after winning Super Bowl 55 by beating arguably the most talented quarterback of this generation.

Not only did Brady win, but it was a blowout. It’s also important to note that just to get to the Super Bowl, Brady got through Chase Young and the Washington Football Team’s amazing defense and two Hall of Fame quarterbacks in Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers.

No disrespect towards Coach Belichick, but he should have never gotten anywhere near the same amount of credit as Brady received for the six rings.

The bottom line is Brady is the one that is playing the game, not Belichick.

After one season, it’s Brady-1 and Belichick-0.

(Photo: AP)

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