Some Disappointing News About Big Papi…

Good evening Red Sox fans. You all know Big Papi. He is a Red Sox legend and a future Hall of Famer. You would figure that he would be loyal to all Boston sports teams since he spent nearly his entire career there but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

On Fox’s National League Championship Series Pregame Show prior to Game 1, David Ortiz was watching Lebron James highlights a day after he captured the Lakers 17th championship in franchise history. At one point early in the show, he said, “Let’s go Lakers!”

Of course, I am just poking fun at a Boston sports legend liking a Los Angeles sports team but if the Celtics come back next year and are in the NBA Finals, Big Papi can’t switch back to the Celtics.

You do you Papi.

(Photo: Michael Dwyer/AP Photo)

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