Predicting New England’s QB Corps For 2022

In just a little over a week, the New England Patriots’ 2022 training camp will officially commence. Fear not my fellow Pats fans, football is on the horizon. The dog days of summer are nearly over, and roster prediction season is officially upon us.

During this time I’ll be breaking down my Patriots roster predictions position by position. Only 53 men will remain in the end. I’ll be doing my best to figure out who those men left standing will be. Be sure to be following Guy Boston Sports to follow along with this series!

Out of all the position groups I’ll be covering, this one will be the shortest and easiest to predict. New England doesn’t have many signal callers currently on the training camp roster. Nor do they usually hold on to many, as Belichick prefers to have the extra roster space.

Despite the lack of surprises here, there’s still plenty to discuss. Let’s take a look at my predictions for New England’s QB room in 2022.

Mac Jones

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What a shocking twist! You would have better odds to win the lottery than for the Patriots to move off Mac Jones. New England’s first round pick in 2021 will look to improve upon a solid rookie season.

Jones performed extremely well despite being handcuffed in Josh McDaniels’ lackluster passing attack. Some would say McDaniels being conservative is why Mac Jones was so efficient. Others, like myself, would argue he could have been even better if let off the leash a bit.

Who will be calling the shots this season on offense is still a relative unknown. That makes things difficult to predict just how far Mac will progress in year two. However the addition of deep threats Tyquan Thornton and DeVante Parker should make life easier.

Mac showed flashes of brilliance as a rookie. He has solid pieces around him now, and expectations are much higher. We’ll see more of what he is made of this upcoming season.

Brian Hoyer

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In a battle between young and old, I expect the Patriots to stick with old reliable Brian Hoyer here. He’s been around the NFL for 13 seasons. Seven of those seasons have been spent in Foxborough. He’s someone who knows the “Patriot Way” inside and out.

Is he super effective if called upon? He’s not exactly a game changer. You’re not going to look to put Hoyer in to make the big time throws. If God forbid something were to happen to Mac though, he could effectively step in. He knows the offense better than Mac himself.

He’s a Belichick guy through and through. That’s why I don’t see a world where he doesn’t make the roster. Year after year New England continues to resign him for a reason. He’s a great lockeroom presence and a positive influence on Mac.

Especially when dealing with a young developing QB, it’s important to have a stable veteran there to backup and support him.

Who Didn’t Make The Cut

Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sorry, Bailey Zappe. On most teams, Zappe would probably be safe. After all, most teams carry three or more quarterbacks. New England is one of the rare teams that opts to go with just two signal callers.

I’ll be totally honest, the Zappe pick confused me. The Patriots used a Day 3 pick on him, so it’s not like they invested prime real estate. Regardless, he was such an odd choice in the draft. I’ve watched plenty of film on Zappe at Western Kentucky, and he just doesn’t blow me away. At all really.

He’s just not a guy I envision working out. Nothing that he has in his tool box really wows me. Granted, a 4th round pick usually isn’t selected with Hall of Fame expectations. I just really didn’t understand the pick at the time.

After New England traded away Jarrett Stidham, the pick made a little more sense. Still, if they were going to go QB there, I would have preferred Sam Howell instead.

Regardless, I don’t see New England holding onto Zappe. They’ll probably elect to move him to the practice squad for safe keeping. Maybe they can turn him into a solid backup, but I’m not buying it.

So there you have it, New England’s 2022 quarterback room. Make sure to stay tuned for more position predictions in the coming days! Here are the position groups I’ve broken down so far:

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