NFL Players are Threatening the Season After the League Failed to Put a Comprehensive Plan Together Prior to Training Camp

NFL players spoke out Sunday afternoon on Twitter about the lack of attention the league has given to health and safety protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic. Rookies were scheduled to begin reporting Monday and Tuesday with quarterbacks and injured players scheduled to arrive a few days later, but it appears as though the players may not report after numerous high profile stars threatened there would be “no football in 2020” unless the league did “their part to keep players healthy”.

Patriots players Devin McCourty and James White also spoke out:

This appears to be a coordinated effort by the NFLPA, having their biggest stars all speak out at once about the league’s apathy towards player health just hours before the start of training camp. The main sticking point, among a number of key ones, seems to be the NFLPA insisting on a cancellation of all preseason games in 2020:

It was reported Friday that the league was moving forward with training camp despite having yet to come to an agreement with the NFLPA on “protocols and other issues” and that players who didn’t report would be subject to discipline which would include potential fines:

If these threats from star players like Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson and Drew Brees are to be taken seriously, the NFL season is in jeopardy. Mahomes alone threatening not to play would be enough to put the entire league on alert, but numerous All-Pros and Pro Bowlers threatening a hold out of sorts puts the NFL in the middle of a labor dispute unlike anything the football world has seen before. Tensions between the NFL and NFLPA have always been high, but we’ve never seen a coordinated attack like the one the players conducted on social media Sunday afternoon.

The NFL has ignored the reality of the pandemic for months, and they’ve largely been afforded the luxury to do so with free agency and the draft being conducted virtually with little to no issues. Now, the league faces the music of their ignorance and the reality that football in 2020 is no sure thing.

Photo: (Steve Luciano – AP Photo)

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