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Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year… the MLB playoffs! We’ve waited oh so long for this day and now it’s here and better than it’s ever been, from a gamblers eye view. The days of 8 team playoffs are over for now and we have been given a 16 team playoff format and I’m salivating at this slate we have in round one. Time to fill some pockets, LETS RIDE!

Yankees vs. Indians

We’ve got one of the biggest arm matchups of all time in game one in Cole vs. the soon to be 2020 Cy Young winner, Bieber. If you know me I’ve called the Yankees frauds all year and I stand by it, but something about this game doesn’t sit right with me. I’m taking Cole over Bieber in this one, because Cole has too much playoff experience to bet against and my gut feeling is that Bieber doesn’t pitch quite as good as he had in the regular season. I’m taking Yankees ML in this one. But as far as my series bet goes I’m still riding the Indians, I think they lose this first one and bounce back to take the series in three games.

Blue Jays vs. Rays

This right here is why the 16 playoff team format is so great, this is as exciting of series we’ve ever had in the first round of the playoffs. We’re getting the young and lethal arms in Tampa against the young explosive bats in Toronto. In game one we have Matt Shoemaker and Blake Snell on the bump, I think this is going to play out exactly how it looks, a huge mismatch. Snell has the vibes of a guy who can turn it up in the playoffs and I think we’ll see that later today. Rays money line and the game over at 7.5, I’m riding that over especially hard. For the series, I believe the Jays will be able to squeak out one game, but I think the Rays still take it in three.

White Sox vs. A’s

Another huge matchup in the first round, these are two of the best teams in the league going head to head. I know the White Sox record says otherwise but if you have seen them play at all throughout this year you know that’s the result of nothing more than a bad two week stretch which hurts much more this year than any other. We’ve got another exciting pitching matchup as well, Lucas Giolito and Jesus Luzardo, these young aces have been dominating for their respective teams and I think one has a little bit more of factor in him than the other and it might surprise you which one I’m thinking. I’m putting my money on Luzardo to come out victorious in this one, I’ve seen Giolito falter too many times in big games to put my money on him, give me A’s money line and the over in this one at 7.5. I’m also going to take the A’s in the series, in my mind they should make quick work of the Sox, sweeping them in 2 games.

Astros vs. Twins

This series stinks… on paper, but something tells me this series isn’t gonna go as planned. The Astro’s might have some revenge in mind, they’ve been told all year how bad they are since they can’t cheat anymore. I’m not buying it though, this is still a very good team and I still like the rotation. On the other side I’m not all the way in on the Twins pitching. I’m riding Zach Greinke over Maeda tonight, I think Greinke is gonna shove like his life depends on it, can’t wait. Astros money line and we’re riding the stros to take the series in 3 games.

Momma… we made it, it’s been a long winding road, but we finally made it to the postseason! This is gonna be electric and I’m gonna feed you winners faster than you can say chicken dinner! You know why??? BECAUSE ITS TIME TO RIDE!

(AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith)

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