Marwin Gonzalez Doesn’t Make Sense for the Red Sox

Robert Murray reported on Monday that the Phillies, Red Sox, and Giants are among the teams interested in signing free agent utility man Marwin Gonzalez, but he isn’t the best fit for Boston.

The primary reason why the Red Sox shouldn’t invest millions of dollars in Marwin Gonzalez is because they already got their Marwin Gonzalez this offseason. They agreed to a two-year deal worth $14 million with former Dodger, Kike Hernandez

Hernandez is the better utility man of the two right now, as he is younger and has put up better numbers over the last couple of years since Gonzalez signed with Minnesota after winning a World Series in 2017. 

You could make the argument that Gonzalez would help out Boston’s outfield that isn’t deep at the moment. Jackie Bradley Jr. is a free agent which left a hole in center field, and if he doesn’t return, then either Andrew Benintendi or Alex Verdugo would take over in center with the other playing one of the two corners. Hunter Renfroe looks to be the third starting outfielder after Boston picked up him from Tampa.

A factor as to why the Red Sox shouldn’t sign him is the fact that they aren’t ready to win a World Series. Remember, the are only a little more than a year away from the Red Sox trading away Mookie Betts and David Price. 

The bullpen isn’t strong and the rotation faces many question marks such as the health of Eduardo Rodriguez and Chris Sale or wondering if Garrett Richards will be able to get back to being a great pitcher like he was early in his career with the Angels. 

It doesn’t help that teams in their own division are getting better while it seems like the Red Sox are only improving by the margins (excluding the Hernandez signing).

Due to the outlined circumstances, the Red Sox don’t need another utility man especially if other teams are willing to give him more years than Boston.

(Photo: USA Today Sports)

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