Julian Edelman Adds Fuel to the Fire That is Tom Brady’s Free Agency Frenzy

Tom Brady
‘s future has captured headlines in the weeks since the season ended. With free agency a little over two weeks away, there will likely continue to be a 24-hour Tom Brady news cycle. Many people have been reaching for hints as to where he is going, from Gisele’s Instagram stories to fake school visits to real estate listings, but none of these hints have been as overt as what was seen on Saturday afternoon. Joining Julian Edelman and Jimmy Fallon court-side for the North Carolina vs Syracuse men’s basketball game, all attention was taken away from the game and onto the trio.

​The three friends were seen smiling and enjoying the game as friends do, but as the ESPN cameras captured them before cutting to commercial, Edelman was shown saying the words “He’s coming back. He’s coming back.” This was followed by a look of what appears to be uneasiness. Edelman instantly breaks into laughter before the broadcast goes to commercial.

This six-second clip sent social media into a frenzy.  But it also raises a bigger question as to whether Edelman knows something that others do not.  While Edelman almost certainly knew he was on camera, it is unlikely that he would air out Tom Brady’s secret on national television. With that being said, it is most likely just Edelman being a troll at the expense of his long-time teammate.

On the other hand, almost every decision Brady has made this offseason has been very calculated and this is not consistent with those decisions.  From non-committal comments on teammate’s pictures to shoulder shrugs on his Instagram story, Brady hasn’t put himself in a situation for his decision to be public.  So why would he go and sit court-side with Edelman when he knows he would be plastered all over television and social media?

While this offseason has definitely included some reaching when it comes to trying to decipher Brady’s future and it has been nothing short of unbearable, something this egregious shouldn’t be seen as such a reach.  It is certain to be a long three weeks for Patriots fans as they await Brady’s decision. 
Photo: Mark Konezny/USA Today Sports

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