Jets Avoid Winless Season But at What Cost?

Going into Sunday afternoon’s game against the Los Angeles Rams, I was not worried at all about the New York Jets’ chances of winning. Boy was I wrong.

The game started as it generally did, with the Jets looking good on offense. After the first touchdown, in typical fashion this season, I turned to my dad and said, “Oh no, they are winning this game.” But I had said that for several weeks in a row and I am known to be dramatic.

Still, as the game went on, I saw nothing too positive from Jared Goff or the offensive line of the Rams. In fact, the defense was firing on all cylinders. And so was Sam Darnold and the offense. Darnold, who went into the game with one of the worst QBRs in the NFL, finished the 23-20 victory over the Rams with an 88.5 QBR after going 22-31 for 207 yards, one touchdown, and no interceptions.

The Rams had a few chances down the stretch but had costly penalties which took back what would have been the potential game-winning touchdown by Cam Akers.

For weeks I had been fearing playing the Patriots week 17, as the Rams and Browns were sure to beat the Jets. If anything, Bill Belichick would have started Jarrett Stidham and played backups just to ensure the Jets were miserable for a decade-plus to come.

Now the Jaguars and Jets are tied for the worst record at 1-13, but the Jaguars would win the tiebreaker due to strength of schedule, per ESPN writer Rich Cimini and Tankathon.

I’m no optimist, and hanging on to the thought of the Jaguars winning at least one of the final two games of the season against the Chicago Bears or Indianapolis Colts seems highly unlikely. The Jaguars need a quarterback, because obviously the Gardner Minshew II and Mike Glennon experiment did not work out.

The thought of the Jets losing out on a generational talent in Trevor Lawrence after decades of misery and suffering is absolutely demoralizing. New York had to hold out for two more games and then we would arrive in the promise land.

Let’s not forget to mention this is only the third time a team 0-13 or worse got their first win against a team with a winning record.

All the Jets had to do was lose two more games. One win does nothing. Real fans know what was at stake on Sunday and for it to slip through our hands in the fashion it did was so painful. The moral victory and ego boost this gave to the Jets players and staff means absolutely nothing to the fans who continue to be disappointed year after year by this franchise.

With the No. 2 pick, anything is at stake. Maybe the Jets will keep Darnold if they are not high on Justin Fields. I don’t really know what’s going to happen, all I know is the Jets winning a game likely cost New York one of the best quarterbacks in college football history.

(Photo: Ashley Landis/Associated Press)

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