JD Martinez Gives An Interesting Response On Opt-Out Decision

J.D. Martinez spoke to reporters on Friday and gave an interesting response regarding his plans on opting out of his current contract.

“I don’t know,” Martinez said. “I guess I have to talk to (agent) Scott (Boras). I think, given the situation and everything, it’s probably not leaning that way. That’s something where I need to talk to Scott. He’s the jefe (chief). You’ve got to call up Scott. He’s got the answers.”

That is an interesting response because you would think he would want to opt-in after having a bad season in addition to considering that owners have lost money without fans in the stands so he wouldn’t get as much money as he would have gotten under normal circumstances.

But again, his agent is Scott Boras who loves to have his clients test the free-agent waters but this wouldn’t be the best situation for Martinez to do so.

If he opts out then he is taking a huge gamble on a team wanting to pay him to primarily hit and another aspect to consider is the fact that nobody knows if the DH will be implemented for the National League next season.

If Martinez opts in, he would have another year remaining in Boston and be paid $19.35 million.

(Photo: Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

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