Has Boston Really Lost All Confidence In This Celtics Team?

Game 5 was disgusting. I will not argue that at all… However, was that loss truly enough evidence to give up on this Celtics team?

Seems like most fans are officially done with this series. I mean, look at the replies to my tweet above. They are calling it a wrap. Again, I wont argue you if you feel that way… I mean, being down 3-2, now needing to win 2-straight is a pretty crappy place to be in. But for me? I am not there yet. I still have a weird confidence in this team and their ability to take care of business in Game 6 and the play their hogs off in a Game 7.

Why do I feel confident you might ask? Simply put, the Celtics (top to bottom) are still the better ball club in my opinion. Now, if Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown continue to completely forget how to hold onto the ball and/or keep spazzing out when they get near the hoop, I won’t stand by the “better” comment. But that has to stop at some point. These guys have to look in the mirror after games like that and say to themselves, “DUDE.. WTF”, right? Am I nuts for thinking that even though JT and JB are these young guys they can still dig themselves out of this one? I know the NBA Finals are a different beast, but we have seen these guys bounce back multiple times throughout this playoff run. Hell, this whole season was technically a big bounce back performance.

Most fans may be out on this team, but I am staying positive until i see anything to completely prove me otherwise. Let’s go win Game 6.

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