Grading the Boston Celtics’ Trade Deadline Deals

Image credits: Creator: Kathryn Riley | Credit: Getty Images

The Boston Celtics did the unthinkable yesterday – made a trade at the deadline. Not only that, they made two. While neither was a blockbuster for Aaron Gordon or Lonzo Ball, the team still managed to shake things up a bit. The real question is, how good were the trades Danny Ainge did decide to make?

Trade #1

Celtics Recieve: Evan Fournier

Magic Recieve: Jeff Teague, Two Second-Round Picks

This deal was initially announced early-on in the day, but the full details weren’t released until after the deadline had come and gone. While everyone remained focused on the idea of Gordon in Boston, Ainge had his eyes set on his teammate.

The Celtics have had the Gordon Hayward TPE at their disposal all season, and Fournier’s salary… (CLICK THE BANNER BELOW TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)

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