Free Money Picks of the Day: 9/23/20

I’m up so unbelievably big right now it’s unfair… my bookie had to get a loan to pay me! I’m the definition of a gambling God, that dodgeball scene in Billy Madison is the only way to describe my relationship with bookies, I’m just straight up murdering them. The Celtics are back tonight and that means I’m back big time.

Celtics vs. Heat

After a quick 2-0 start by the Heat, this series looked over, but then momentum took a sharp left turn in game 3 as Gordon Hayward made his debut in the series. The C’s looked legit, they were flying around defensively and making good decisions on offense. Tonight I’m thinking the Celtics are gonna keep momentum going and tie the series up at 2, that locker room turmoil has all been set aside and these guys are having fun again. I’m taking Celtics ML, I’m too excited for this game.

Angels vs. Padres

Mike Clevinger is on the mound so we know what that means….. Padres ML! Big Clev is just too good of a pitcher to bet against when he’s playing on the padres with the bats that they have. Plus they’ll be facing the Angels who strike no fear into my heart.

Astros vs. Mariners

It’s been a down year for the Astro’s, but they’re still by all means a very dangerous team, especially when Zach Greinke is on the bump. I don’t see Seattle being able to keep up as they have a guy pitching with an ERA over 5, take Stros money line.

Brewers vs. Reds

Trevor Bauer is that dude this year, he’s the face of the rebellion against Rob Manfred and likely the NL Cy Young winner. I’m certainly not gonna bet against him when he’s facing a team like Milwaukee! The man is the most exciting player to watch in the league and he shoves every day, give me Reds ML.

Athletics vs Dodgers

We have two powerhouses going at it in this one, these are two of the most explosive offensive teams in the league and I expect it to play out this way. I’m taking The over in this game at 9.

These picks are can’t lose! I’m begging you to pull the trigger. It’s time to sack up and let it ride! I’ll see you all tomorrow when our pockets are looking real nice.

(Kim Klement/Pool Photo via AP)

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