Drew Orleans Paves Over Tompa Bay

The New Orleans Saints handed Tom Brady a 34-23 loss in his 2020 season opener with the Buccaneers.

Brady struggled in his debut with Tampa Bay, completing 23 of 36 passes for 239 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. This includes a huge pick-six by Janoris Jenkins that put the Saints up 23-7 in the third.

“It was a screen pass the outlet called and he threw the outlet and it was a pick-six. Bad decision,” Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians said during a postgame interview.

Miscommunication and adjusting to new players seemed to hold the six-time Super Bowl champion QB back. Many may not agree, but the Brady we saw during this game is the same Brady that left it all on the field with the New England Patriots last season.

Here’s the kicker: Drew Brees wasn’t so hot either. Brees threw for just 160 yards and two touchdowns.

In fact, the 41-year old quarterback admitted that his game against the Buccaneers wasn’t one of his better performances.

“Well if you ask me how I felt like I played, I probably say I played awful as well,” Brees said in his postgame interview. “Certainly, we are use to playing at a much higher level offensively.”

Head coach Sean Payton echoed Brees’ point, taking part of the blame on himself.

“Offensively, that was probably as bad a game I’ve had as a play caller. You know just trying to find a rhythm and a tempo, it was awful,” Payton said during his postgame interview.

New Orleans’ defense was the biggest contributing factor for the win, holding Brady and Tampa Bay to a below-average scoring game. Last season the Buccaneers averaged 28.6 points per game and the Patriots averaged 26.3.

Next up, the Saints travel to Las Vegas to face the Raiders while the Buccaneers gear up for another divisional matchup against the Carolina Panthers.

Welcome to the NFC South, Brady.

Photo: (Butch Dill/ Associated Press)

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