Does Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Commercial Mean He’s Staying in New England?

As was reported late last week, Tom Brady’s cryptic Twitter post from Thursday night was just a teaser for a Super Bowl commercial. The only problem is that the advertisement for Hulu left fans with just as many questions as the post itself.


Brady’s ad starts off with the legendary quarterback seemingly hinting at retirement. Brady switches course and starts talking about Hulu before ending the commercial by saying “But me? I’m not going anywhere”.

While most took this to mean Brady is staying in New England, it could also just mean he’s merely not retiring. Having teased retirement earlier in the commercial, it would make sense that Brady would double back and assure fans he is “not going anywhere” as far as leaving the game of football is concerned. Nevertheless, the overall message is still somewhat unclear and fans have debated what the legendary quarterback really meant.

It’s important to remember that Hulu paid Brady to make this commercial and say what he said. It’s entirely possible that Brady had very little creative control over the script and Hulu wanted Brady to deliver the line with this level of ambiguity to further spread their commercial and promote their product. In all likelihood, this was Hulu’s plan all along and they paid Brady an astronomical amount of money to drum up so much interest in what was said when in actuality it told us very little about Brady’s future.

According to this latest poll, fans are largely under the impression that Brady’s commercial means he’s re-signing with the Patriots. What do you think Brady’s commercial meant?

Photo: (@TomBrady – Twitter / Hulu)

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