Conor McGregor Accused of Attacking Italian DJ

UFC star Conor McGregor is accused of attacking popular Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti in Rome, just a short time after baptizing his son at the Vatican. Facchinetti says that he and McGregor were enjoying a night out when he was asked to attend a party. When Facchinetti accepted, the MMA fighter attacked; Seemingly unprovoked.

“At 2:30 [at] night I was attacked by Mr. McGregor,” Fachinetti said in his Instagram story video translated by MMA Mania. “The very famous McGregor, who punched me in the mouth, broke my nose in front of 10 witnesses, his friends and bodyguards.”

One of the witnesses includes Fachinetti’s wife, Wilma, who says she was paralyzed with fear after the encounter.

“Francesco flew back, fell on the table, and then on the ground,” Wilma said. “I turned around and saw that his friends were holding him against the wall because he wanted to continue beating Francesco.”

Wilma warned that McGregor will stay in the area until October 28th, and that people should be cautious when around him. Fachinetti says that he plans on suing McGregor, while the fighter has not issued a statement on the alleged incident.

“I could have shut up and not said anything to anyone. But since I’m here to tell it, I must say that [the] person is really violent and dangerous.”

Fachinetti said in his Instagram story video translated by MMA Mania.

This is not the first time McGregor has had altercations outside of the octagon. He recently caused chaos on MTV’s red carpet after getting into a scuffle with rapper Machine Gun Kelly. Reporters say that the altercation came after McGregor asked for a photo with the rapper but was denied.

“I only fight real fighters. People that actually fight,” McGregor said when asked to comment on the incident. “I certainly don’t fight Vanilla Ice white rappers.”

Though McGregor is sidelined from the UFC after suffering a fractured leg in his fight against Dustin Poirier, he is still finding any reason to make headlines.

Photo: (Mary Altaffer/AP Photo)

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