Chaim Bloom Tells Us Why He Traded Mookie Betts

Chaim Bloom was hired as the Boston Red Sox’s Chief Baseball Officer weeks before he had to make his first major move with the organization: Trade Mookie Betts. Fans were upset and some are still upset about the move, especially after Betts won a World Series in his first season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bloom tried to further explain the gut-wrenching decision that he knew he had to make.

“I thought when I came here..we had a good team but not as good of a team as we needed to have and the further out you look comparing us to the teams we have to beat given where the farm system was at, given the sustainability of our roster compared to the systems that those teams have, how young and controllable their players are..the further out you look, the farther behind we would fall if we just kept on that present course,” Bloom said on the Section 10 Podcast.

He mentioned how the Red Sox’s all-in mentality before he arrived worked out well because it resulted in a World Series victory, but it wasn’t good for the future of the organization. “You have to take care of tomorrow if you don’t want tomorrow to suck…At the end of the day, I just thought that the talent we were getting back, where we were as a team now, where you’ve got a player [Mookie Betts] in the middle of his prime…you better really be ready to maximize those first few years,” Bloom continued. “The fact of the matter is if we kept Mookie, he would’ve been watching the World Series from his couch just like I was watching it from mine.”

A lot of fans were emotional following the trade, but they have likely warmed up to Bloom’s decision because of how good of a season Alex Verdugo had (who’s under contract for another four years).

(Credit: Charles Krupa/AP)

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