Celtics Report Cards: The First Third of the Season

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The Boston Celtics are now a little over one-third of the way through this 72 game season, and let me tell you… it’s been a ride. There have been ups and downs already, specifically the impatience of Celtics Twitter crying for heads on spikes 26 games in. I myself just got my first semester grades, so I think the guys in green deserve a deep dive of their own. 

Tristan Thompson:

Contrary to popular consensus, I don’t think Thompson has been terrible so far. His rebound percentage is one of the highest of his career (18.3%), and if we’re being honest, that’s like 80% of the reason they signed him in the first place. His offensive efficiency, however, has left a lot to be desired. When you shoot as many bunnies as he does, you can’t have an eFG% of 49.2%. It just can’t happen. He also does this thing every once and a while where he backs his guy down from the three-point line for no less than half the shot clock like he’s Charles Barkley. It’s a completely wasted possession every time, even on the rare occasions it works out for him. However, he has been better the last six games, playing with much more energy and making smarter decisions. Grade: C+

Marcus Smart:

Ol’ reliable (depending on who you talk to). Marcus Smart has been good again this year. Weird to think he is only 26. I feel like he has been in the league for ages. The only gripe I have with Smart this year is… (CLICK THE BANNER BELOW TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)

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