Celtics Final Statistical Ranks After All 82

We have officially reached the end of the NBA regular season. In the blink of an eye all 82 games have been concluded, and the 82 for the Boston Celtics concluded with a 120-114 win over the Atlanta Hawks to give them a 57-25 record.

Good enough for second best in the league behind the 58-24 Milwaukee Bucks.

This win also saw Payton Pritchard get his first ever NBA triple double with 30 points 14 rebounds and 11 assists.

With the regular season wrapped up and playoff basketball on the horizon I wanted to dive into the numbers to get a deeper look into how the Celtics came to be the second best team in basketball, record wise.


Starting offensively, the Celtics are built to shoot, the plan for the roster was to surround the Jays with shooters, as well as a plethora of guards who can create for themselves and the Jays as well.

Backed by the stats, it appears that the system is working, the Celtics finished second in three point makes and sixth in three point percentage.

It certainly helps having guys like Sam Hauser, whose improvement was a pleasant surprise for this team, shooting 41% from three on 4.2 attempts per game.

He, as well as Al Horford and off season acquisition Malcolm Brogdon who both finished  top five in three point percentage at 44.6%(2nd) and 44.4%(4th) respectively are driving forces in the Celtics offensive style. 

The Celtics don’t just rely on hoisting contested jumpers, they are centered around a drive and kick style predicated on ball movement and player movement to get the best look possible.


Defensively where the Celtics were stellar last year, started slowly this year as they were just after 25 games, but gradually improved throughout the season to come close to last year’s team.

A slight drop in each stat still saw the Celtics atop the league in most categories.

The Celtics play a switch everything style of defense, which they can get away with due to the construction of the roster.

The three guard rotation alone has one defensive player of the year in Marcus Smart, another All Defense in Derrick White, who leads the league in blocks at the position, and Malcolm Brogdon who is an above average defender giving you one stock a night off the bench.

All Defense Al Horford switches one through five successfully allowing the defensive anchor Rob Williams protect everybody else on the backend by meeting missed assignments at the rim where he averages 1.4 blocks.

Finishing top five in both offense and defense helped the Celtics achieve the best net rating in the league at +6.7 which is 1.1 points better than the second place Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here’s a look into all the numbers and where they rank in relation to the rest of the league.

The Numbers


  • Points per game: 117.9(4th)
  • Field Goals Made: 42.2(13th)
  • Field Goals Attempted: 88.8(15th)
  • Field Goal Percentage: 47.5(14th)
  • Three Pointers Attempted: 42.6(2nd)
  • Three Pointers Made: 16(2nd)
  • Three Point Percentage: 37.7(6th)
  • Assists Per Game: 26.7(7th)
  • Turnovers Per Game: 13.4(7th)


  • Defensive Rating: 110.6(2nd)
  • Points Allowed Per Game: 111.4(5th)
  • Opponent Field Goal Percentage: 46.3(5th)
  • Opponent Three Point Percentage: 34.5(4th)
  • Opponent Second Chance Points: 12.7(7th)

After 82 games the Celtics sit in the top ten in the majority of major statistics regarding both offense, and defense. Not surprising when you watch them play and see that they finished 57-25, good for second best in the entire league.

Playoff Time

That’s a wrap on the 2022-23 regular season, the chase for banner 18 is officially back on.

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