Boston Bruins Season in Review: Forwards

The Bruins exited early in the playoffs despite lofty expectations. The forwards did not play well against the Lightning, and that may lead the Bruins to take a look at the position.

9/11 Free Money Picks: NBA, NHL, MLB

We’re soooooo back right now! Last night our pick percentage was .500, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. We hit big time on a parlay that got clinched by one point on a garbage time TD, by Houston, making it a huge night for the boys. We’re gonna stay hot again tonight, this slate is calling my name, SO HARD! Let’s Ride!

9/9 Free Money Picks

Another day another dollar, or in this case all the dollars. All I do is give you all free money, the least you could do in return is take it! We’ve got a wild slate of games today, but not to worry I’ve got you all covered with the winners needed to unlock that free money. LET’S RIDE!

9/8 Free Money Picks

Say it with me now, 7 and 0, that’s right people, 7 and 0. “Why are we starting with an English lesson?” you might ask. Well, that just so happens to be my record yesterday. That’s right after a bad day, I am once again the hottest gambler on the planet Earth… maybe even the Galaxy. Who am I too say? All I can say is that if you were not taking my picks before you better be taking them now! If you still aren’t on board you’re once again passing up FREE MONEY. Don’t be a fool, be rich. LET’S RIDE!

9/7 Free Money Bets of The Day

After a day off I have been revived and I returned to bring my people the picks they need to get rich. These picks are so golden today not even Stephen A. Smith could find a spin zone to call them bad picks. I’ve yet to wrong you all with my picks and I’m most certainly not gonna start now, when the money’s never been more free! Let’s RIDE!!!

9/5 Winning Gambling Picks: NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAAF

Dearly beloved…….. Fire no longer fits the description of how hot I truly am! I AM NOW SUPER NOVA HOT! I am Johnny Flame up in this joint! King Kong ain’t got sh*t on me! I told you all, glory holes for glory goals…. I came for the king and I didn’t miss! Now I told you yesterday that if you like free money you better take my picks, but many of you did not want to believe me…. feeling pretty dumb now, eh? Let’s not screw the pooch twice here boys and girls, hop on this wagon and lets all get HOT!

Best Bets in the MLB, NBA and NHL (9/4)

I have gotta get something off my cheat…… I AM ON FIRE! THE SUN HAS NOT EVEN SEEN THESE LEVELS OF HEAT! Last night I went 3-1 putting me in the positive for the week. I was down bad, broken some might even say, but then the gambling gods placed a gift in my lap, the Celtics and Clippers covered the spread and then the magic moment came…. the parlay hit! The first leg hit with the Celtics covering, thanks to Kemba Walkers incredible pass with .5 seconds left, then leg 2 hit with the Clippers covering a -9 spread with ease, and then finally Americas team, South Alabama, dominated Southern Miss. covering a whopping +13 spread! But that’s over and we must move on. Thart being said time to ride again!

Why The Bruins Will Upset The Lightning in Round 2

The Boston Bruins eliminated the Carolina Hurricanes in five games to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to play the Tampa Bay Lightning. Boston is technically the underdog in the series because they lost all three round robin games which gave them the fourth seed while Tampa Bay is the #2 seed.