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Patriots Coach Bill Belichick is Sending a Message to One Person Only…

Tom Brady left the Patriots to show the world he doesn’t need Bill Belichick, but his former coach just did it right back to him.


Nason’s 2020 NFL Rookie Predictions

With team facilities beginning to open and it looking more and more likely that we will have football this fall (whether with or without fans still yet to be determined), it’s time to take a look at how the 2020 NFL draft class will fair in the big leagues their 1st year. Here are my predictions for offensive and defensive rookie of the year, and my all rookie teams.

5 Free Agent Targets for the Patriots in 2021

Despite the Patriots current cap issues, salvation is coming. Some cap experts project Bill Belichick and company to have over $100 million in space free to spend next offseason. These projections are subject to change with extensions yet to come and potential affects from the coronavirus pandemic, but New England should have enough room to sign at least one marquee free agent, if not multiple, next March. Here are a few of the names the Patriots should look to target.

Most Hated Boston Athletes in Recent Memory

Over the years, from before the influx of championships through today, the sports teams of Boston have seen their fair share of polarizing figures. While there has been a lot to celebrate and remember, especially in the past 20 years, there has also been a lot to look down upon and try to forget. GuyBostonSports’ main Twitter account (@GuyBostonSports) sent out a tweet the other day that got me thinking: who are some of the most-hated sports figures that have come through Boston in recent memory?

Nason’s Way Too Early 2021 Mock Draft

After taking some time to decompress from the 2020 NFL Draft season, I’m ready to get after 2021! This year’s draft gave us a Heisman winner and national champion taken number one, a franchise changing pass rusher taken second, and a generational defensive back taken third, and all three of them happen to be former Ohio State Buckeyes (the fan in me had to point that out). Next year features some incredibly talented quarterbacks, another strong and deep wide receiver class, and talent all over the offensive and defensive side of the ball. With that being said, here’s my first mock draft of the 2021 cycle!

Should The Patriots Sign Chris Hogan?

The Patriots wide receiving core was subject to a lot of heavy criticism in 2019 and the team hasn’t made many changes to the group this offseason. The Patriots are coming back with mostly the same cast of characters as five of their top six reception leaders from 2019 remain on the roster. The only noteworthy additions have been Marqise Lee, Damiere Byrd and a host of undrafted free agents.