Jayson Tatum Sets Another Celtics Record

After it was announced that Kevin Durant would be out through the NBA All-Star break with a left hamstring sprain, the NBA named Domantas Sabonis as his replacement on the roster and Jayson Tatum as his replacement in the starting lineup.

Danny Ainge Suggests Celtics May Not Make Any Moves at the Trade Deadline

Celtics fans have grown more and more frustrated as the team continues to disappoint. The only light at the end of the tunnel (besides the return of Marcus Smart) is the hope that Boston can bring in some reinforcements using the ever-present trade exception acquired last offseason when the Celtics sent Gordon Hayward to Charlotte in a sign-and-trade. Unfortunately for fans hoping to see that exception used this season to bring some much needed help to the Celtics lackluster bench, it doesn’t appear that’s the preference of Boston’s front office.

What Is Wrong With the Celtics? A Percentage Breakdown of Who to Blame

What is wrong with this Celtics team you might ask? Well, the easiest answer is everything. That is the sad part. I’ve said it over and over and over again, when you can legitimately make a case that the front office is to blame, or the coach is to blame, or the players are to blame… that is when you know it is bad. For each of those layers, an actual argument can be made as to why the majority of the blame should fall on them. That is the sign of a team that is spiraling out of control.