It’s Time To Give The Greatest Postseason Pitcher Ever His Spot In Cooperstown

The 2021 MLB Hall of Fame ballot has been announced and many Baseball legends are crossing their fingers that they get that Legendary phone call in January when the inductees are announced. If you didn’t know every ballot member gets 10 years on the ballot and after that, it’s over and those players will no longer get a chance at baseball immortality.

Are Black Friday Hot Stove Deals on the Horizon for the Red Sox?

The 2020 awards have now all been officially announced and that means we are that much closer to my favorite part of the year… Hot Stove season. But the thing is this year is unique compared to previous years, especially if you are a Red Sox fan. The 2020 offseason and regular season were brutal times for Sox fans, to say the least, we lost one of the best homegrown players in franchise history due to impending cap penalties, we saw our two best pitchers go down with health issues, and to cap it all off we were given a miserable on field product from start to finish, but now that all changes. The cap has reset, we got OUR manager back, and our guru Chaim Bloom is ready to bring his Tampa magic to a franchise with actual money.

Marcus Stroman Accepts Qualifying Offer from Mets

Marcus Stroman will be back in Queens through 2021 after accepting the team’s qualifying offer of $18.9 million. The day after new owner Steve Cohen and team president Sandy Alderson held a press conference, the starting pitcher took to Twitter to confirm he will remain a member of the New York Mets organization.  Cohen responded …

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Red Sox Manager Alex Cora Gives Awkward Response in 2nd Introductory Press Conference

The Boston Red Sox re-introduced Alex Cora as the manager of the team on Tuesday on the field at Fenway Park. Cora apologized for putting the club in a tough spot after he cheated with the Houston Astros in 2017. He gave a very interesting response when he was asked by a reporter on the …

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A Clue Hinting That the Red Sox Will Bring Back Alex Cora

It’s election season, and re-election is on the minds of most Red Sox fans. Not because of the current President of the United States, but because they want Alex Cora back as the manager of the Red Sox. He was infamously involved in the Houston Astros cheating scheme and once the investigation by Major League Baseball had concluded, the Red Sox ownership group has no choice but to let him go.

Why the Red Sox Should Not Sign Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer enters the free-agent market as the best starting pitcher available and his fit with the Boston Red Sox is an interesting one. They need starting pitching help and Bauer could create quite a 1-2 punch with Chris Sale, who is returning from Tommy John surgery. But, there are a couple of reasons why Chaim Bloom should stay away from the probable 2020 NL Cy Young award winner.