Brady: “When You Go to a Different Place You Realize, ‘Wow, There’s Another Way That People Do Things'”

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The Tampa Bay quarterback spoke to Michael Strahan about his health, family, and football.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady spoke to Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan in an exclusive interview from Walt Disney World. The two discussed his transition to Tampa, his health, and compartmentalizing family and football.

“When you’re in one place for 20 years, you think that’s the only way,”. Brady told Strahan. “And I think when you go to a different place, you realize, ‘Wow, there’s another way that people do things.'”

Brady is the oldest player in NFL history to win a Super Bowl. Strahan asked Brady about his health and how his “TB12 method” has allowed him to achieve longevity in the league.

“For an athlete, your body is your asset,” Brady said. “What I eat, what I drink, how I work out, all of those things cumulatively add up. I started working with my great friend, Alex Guerrero, who’s changed my life in so many ways. We’ve been working together for a long time. Now it has just become a part of my life.”

Strahan also asked about the Buccaneers Super Bowl LV win in Tampa and the boat parade that followed. The two discussed what was going through his mind before throwing the Lombardi Trophy across the bay to the boat behind him.

“First of all, there was not a lot going through my mind at that point,” said Brady. “I mean that was not smart, for a couple reasons. One is, if we drop it, that’s a little bit of a problem. But the worst thing that could happen is the edges on that trophy are so sharp, and had those things clipped one of my boys in the other boat it would have been an ugly parade.”

Brady was asked about fans being able to see a different side of him, one that you don’t normally see. “I love that people got a chance to see a different side of you that they never see. It was great to see you get off the boat. Do you remember that part?” Strahan asked.

Brady being walked off the boat by teammate Ryan Griffin. (Photo: Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports)

“I had a lot of fun – and I don’t get to do that – you know,” Brady said. “It’s hard to relax and when you’re out in public and there’s phones – not that I would do anything – but it still doesn’t feel like comfortable for me, my personality, to have people filming. So I tend to just stay at home more and I don’t go out a lot.”

Brady with his wife Gisele, and his three children. (Photo: Tom Brady – Instagram)

Brady told Strahan that he and Gisele hope their kids stay grounded despite the unique lives they have. He also hopes that their success teaches them to work hard and not take anything for granted. “I want them to make the impact in the world that they’re going to make, but they’re going to make it in their way too,” he said.

He gave Gisele the credit for the sacrifices she makes for their family so he can continue living out his dream in the NFL. After Super Bowl LV, she asked him, “What more do you have to prove?” So Strahan asked him the same question.

“I don’t think proving it for me is the motivation. Like I still want to play,” said Brady. “You know I got like a little sickness in me that just wants to throw a frickin spiral, you know what I mean? … Once you stop you can’t go back and do it. I got some more football in me. Not a lot, and I know that.”

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