Brad Stevens Rocks at His Job and Breaking Hearts

A blockbuster. A Woj bomb. After the Bucks acquired Damian Lillard to become the new presumed favorite to win the NBA title, the Celtics struck back to reclaim that title. Jrue Holiday is a Boston Celtic. A shocker. 

This is now the second time in one off season where a Woj bomb revealed a huge Celtics blockbuster that got every fan excited before ripping our hearts out when he announced the details just moments later.

Trader Danny or Brad Heartbreaks

Remember when “Trader Danny” was a thing? Remember when the Celtics weren’t just in every rumor, they were actually making the rumors true? Remember when we questioned if Brad had the heart and skill to be an NBA GM?

All those questions have been answered this off-season. Trader Danny seems like a distant memory, a facade, a fantasy. Trader Danny seems like he cared about fans’ emotions after what Brad has done this off-season. That’s saying something because Danny Ainge was behind the most emotional trade in Celtics history when he dealt Isaiah Thomas

But alas, here we are. In one summer, the heart and soul, the unofficial captain of the team Marcus Smart has been dealt. Now the fan favorite, defensive anchor Robert Williams is gone, too. 

While these trades are painful for us fans as seeing guys we have watched grow up in green leave is upsetting, the roster itself has gotten better. Like insanely better. This team is ridiculously good.

Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday brings that dawg mentality, that defensive first mindset that left when we traded Smart, but he is also the first true point guard that the Jays have ever played with. 

From Kyrie Irving to Kemba Walker, the Jays have dealt with the score first type of guards, then they had Marcus who was awesome in his role but still had slight limitations as a true lead guard, now they have one of the best true point guards in the league. 

A guy who can create for them, create for himself, and just make the game easier for the entire team. He also brings champion leadership, as he just won a championship in 2021, and has been voted teammate of the year three times in his career.

He will elevate this team on and off the court. On the floor, and in the lockeroom. He is a big, big-time addition. 

Jrue, who averaged 19 points and 7 assists last season on 48/38/85 shooting splits, will now pair the Celtics’ breakout Derrick White in the backcourt. Both Jrue and Derrick made All-NBA Defensive teams.

Derrick White

White shined last year in his first full season with the Celitcs after joining mid season in 2022 via trade, and really complemented the Jays well. His versatility to play as a starter or a 6th man, as an off ball or on ball guard will make the transition for Jrue extremely easy.

The versatility of Derrick isn’t a one off either, this whole roster top to down is versatile. Al Horford can play the 4 or 5, same with Kristaps Porzingis, the addition of Jrue just further allows this team to play big or small. To start with two guards or two bigs, to close either way, the Cs should be able to both force teams to adjust to them, and to be able to adjust to any teams they play.

Final Thoughts

While this team loses tons of defense in Smart and Rob, replacing them with Jrue, who is one of the best defensive players in the league and Kristaps, who can protect the rim a decent amount, should be enough to even out considering the upgrade in offense that is being brought in.

Overall this trade, as well as the Smart one is heartbreaking. It’s truly sad to see Marcus, Rob and even Grant go, but the players coming in greatly improve the ceiling of this team. It’s sad to admit, but the core we all loved continued to fall short, and there is no time to fall short when you’re in a championship window, because those windows close fast. 

Brad knew this and he made moves accordingly. Who knows if they will work, who knows if this team will be more or less fun to root for, but for basketball purposes, for winning reasons, it’s hard to argue that they were not the right move.

To Rob and Marcus, Thank You. Boston will love you forever.

Onto the season, just three weeks away. Go Cs.

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