The Boston Celtics Have a Three-Point Shooting Issue

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are not in the position many fans expected them to be in 10 games into the season. They currently sit at 4-6, good for 12th in an Eastern Conference that looks a lot deeper than in years past. Jayson Tatum has been slumping, Jaylen Brown will miss 1-2 weeks, and Luka Doncic just hit an insane shot over them to win the game. It’s been a rough start to the season for the Celtics, to say the least.

So what’s been going wrong? Their defense seems to have picked up a bit, but there are definitely still some lapses. Al Horford is the only exception to that idea, however, as he’s been phenomenal. They’ve shown more promise lately on the offensive end. Everyone seems a lot more willing to pass since Marcus Smart’s comments to the media. The real issue for the Celtics this year has been shooting.

Boston ranks ninth in the NBA in terms of three-pointers attempted per game (38.5). However, they rank 20th in the league in three-point percentage (33.2%). Only four players on the team are shooting above 33.3% – Jabari Parker (66.7%), Romeo Langford (46.7%), Grant Williams (42.3%), and Jaylen Brown (39.7%). Of those players, two have attempted less than 20 threes on the season.

To make matters worse, the Boston Celtics generate 19.3 wide-open threes per game (6th in the NBA). This sounds like an amazing stat at first. Their offense should be working to perfection at that rate. However, they convert only 32.6% of those shots (26th in the NBA). That’s the worst they’ve shot on wide-open threes since the stat started being recorded in the 2013-14 season.

It all comes down to the players who are taking these wide-open shots. Three players on the Boston Celtics have taken over 30 wide-open threes this season… (CLICK THE BANNER BELOW TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE)

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