Biggest Takeaways From Jayson Tatum Interview

In a recent sit down interview with Taylor Rooks for Bleacher Report, Celtics’ star Jayson Tatum opened up on a number of big topics. From the Kevin Durant rumors, to his relationship with Jaylen Brown, the 2022 NBA Finals run, fatherhood, and much more.

Tatum really allowed himself to open up with Rooks. He even revealed previously unknown information, like that he played with a fractured wrist for most of 2022.

In this article, we’re going to breakdown some of the most crucial moments and conversations from this interview. If you’d like to watch the interview in full, you can do that here.

Kevin Durant

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There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the Celtics this offseason. Numerous clips, pictures, and statements have been dominating Twitter for the majority of the summer. This is something most fans were hoping to avoid after an NBA Finals appearance, but with Kevin Durant demanding a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, it’s been the exact opposite.

When Tatum was asked about the rumors surrounding a possible Kevin Durant trade to the Celtics, as well as a picture the two took that sent the NBA world into a frenzy, he was quoted as saying:

“We won a gold medal…we have a bond, that’s my brother… and I’m not too proud to say KD is one of the best players ever. So like if one of the best players wants to workout with you, and if I can learn some things from him, why would I say no.”

-Jayson Tatum

Tatum also mentioned that because of who he is, whatever he does is exaggerated by the media and fans. He stated that working out with KD and attending Draymond Green’s wedding are just personal life things and don’t need to be discussed as things involving the Celtics. 

Jaylen Brown

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Since the two started wearing green together, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown’s relationship on and off the court has been a focal point in the local and mainstream media. There have been many conversations of splitting them up and that they don’t get along. The questions of if they can have success together or if there is a rift between the two, questions about who the “alpha” is.

The storylines and rumors have always been a part of the duos’ tenure, and seemingly always will be. When Rooks asked Tatum about this, and how a conversation between the two helped turn the Celtics’ season around, Tatum talked about how the two can always talk.

He opened up about how the two have such respect for each other and each other’s work ethic. The main thing was to block out the outside noise and to keep working together towards the main goal of winning a championship. Tatum also mentioned that the media has an “obsession” with the Jays. He also made a pretty convincing argument against breaking the pair up. Nobody in the league would want to break up two of the best players at their respective positions who are both under 26 years old.

2022 NBA Finals

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With a 23-24 start to the season, the Boston Celtics seemed to be in turmoil. Trade rumors, questions of who fits and who doesn’t, was Ime Udoka the right hire, can Jayson Tatum be the guy. All these questions were being asked and at the time were virtually unanswered.

Then, a flip switched, and the Celtics went on a 28-7 run to finish the regular season. The team utilized that momentum to make a run to the NBA Finals. Ultimately falling short in six games to the Golden State Warriors, Tatum talked about how it was a learning experience.

Getting to see how hard it is to get there, and then how much harder it is to win once you get there. He discussed how he felt like he gave everything he had and just ran out of gas, and how the days after the loss were miserable. Tatum stated:

“Three or four days afterward I was miserable, I really really was… I didn’t have an appetite, I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I didn’t want to go anywhere.”

-Jayson Tatum

He went on to say that going into next season, the Celtics simply can’t coast. They can’t take shortcuts, and they have to put in the work to get back, because nothing in this league is promised.

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