Anastasios Kilimos

This Red Sox Team is Giving Off Major 2013 Vibes

The Boston Red Sox are heading to the ALCS, in the midst of a magical playoff run. Despite all the odds being stacked against them, Boston has defied expectations and is carrying a real “team of destiny” vibe. Funny enough, this isn’t the first Red Sox team to have a crazy run like this, not even the first time in this decade. Anyone else remember the 2013 Red Sox?

Quick-Snap Reactions to Patriots’ Week 2 Preseason Victory Over Eagles

The New England Patriots utterly dominated the Philadelphia Eagles in their Preseason Week 2 showdown. Even though it was basically just a scrimmage, a 35-0 route is still impressive nonetheless. After a week of joint practices, the two sides faced off in a game that was pretty much decided by the end of the first quarter. Despite a pretty clear cut victory, there’s still plenty to unpack from this game. Here are my quick-snap reactions to the Pats’ Preseason Week 2 domination of the Eagles:

Why the Patriots Missed a Golden Opportunity With Julio Jones

The final piece to the puzzle was right there in front of them. The last ingredient to getting back to former glory. The key to contending with the AFC’s elite once more. It was there for the taking, and the Patriots refused to take it. Julio Jones, one of the best receivers of the last decade, is now a Tennessee Titan. He was traded there on June 6th after 10 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons.