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Quick-Snap Reactions to Patriots’ Week 2 Preseason Victory Over Eagles

The New England Patriots utterly dominated the Philadelphia Eagles in their Preseason Week 2 showdown. Even though it was basically just a scrimmage, a 35-0 route is still impressive nonetheless. After a week of joint practices, the two sides faced off in a game that was pretty much decided by the end of the first quarter. Despite a pretty clear cut victory, there’s still plenty to unpack from this game. Here are my quick-snap reactions to the Pats’ Preseason Week 2 domination of the Eagles:

Why the Patriots Missed a Golden Opportunity With Julio Jones

The final piece to the puzzle was right there in front of them. The last ingredient to getting back to former glory. The key to contending with the AFC’s elite once more. It was there for the taking, and the Patriots refused to take it. Julio Jones, one of the best receivers of the last decade, is now a Tennessee Titan. He was traded there on June 6th after 10 seasons with the Atlanta Falcons.

The Top 5 Most Anticipated Games on the Patriots Schedule

The Patriots made major moves this offseason and will be looking to get back on track. Last year was the first time in 20 years New England finished below .500. According to multiple outlets, the Patriots have the 19th toughest schedule this season. That is of course based on their opponents’ records from last season. Regardless of how tough the schedule is mathematically speaking, there are some GOOD games. Scratch that. There are some GREAT games on the Pats’ schedule. Here are my Top 5 most anticipated games for the season.

The Return of the King: Tim Tebow is Back in the NFL

Allow me to start off by saying I am a Tim Tebow FANATIC. Next to Tom Brady, he is my favorite QB ever. I have been championing a return to football for Tebow for years. Today, that day has finally arrived. As earlier reported by multiple league sources, the Jacksonville Jaguars are signing Tebow. His six year hiatus from the league has officially come to an end.

Way-Too-Early NFL Season Predictions: AFC East Edition

The 2021 NFL Draft is officially in the books. Now that we have a pretty good idea of what each team’s roster will generally look like, we can start to analyze and make predictions. So with that being said, I thought I would start a series on way too early playoff and record predictions. I will go division by division, breaking down each team. By the end of this series, I should have my fourteen playoff teams figured out.

A Patriot Fan’s Reaction to the Mac Jones Pick

Day 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft is officially in the books. I would say it was one of the more exciting first rounds in the last few drafts. As a Patriots fan, it was especially exciting. The New England Patriots ended the night with what appears to be the quarterback of the future on their team. His name is Michael McCorkle Jones. I will be the first to admit, I did not love this pick when it was called.

Why Kellen Mond Is the QB New England Should Be Targeting in the Draft

Over the past several months, the New England Patriots have been mentioned in almost every national conversation when it comes to the QB prospects in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft. Fans and analysts alike have been going crazy theorizing how the Patriots are going to land one of the elite college QBs like Justin Fields, Trey Lance, and Mac Jones. However, the QB I believe New England SHOULD land has not been mentioned really at all: Kellen Mond, QB of the Texas A&M Aggies.