Andrew Nason

Nason’s 2020 College Football Preseason All-American Team

College athletes are back on campus, and even though Covid-19 still threatens the season, nothing has been postponed yet. With that said, it’s time to take a look at the upcoming college football season, and the players who will stand out and should emerge as the best of the best.

Nason’s Fantasy Football Mock Draft

Until told otherwise, we will have football in 2020, and that means we will have fantasy football in 2020. With that, now is the time to start figuring out your leagues, deciding on draft orders, and running mocks so you are ready when the time finally comes to make that first pick. For this exercise, I acted as the owner of 10 teams in a PPR league and drafted 4 rounds for each team. Check out my mock below and my breakdown of each team. Hopefully this helps you with your draft.

2020 Fantasy Football Rookies to Watch

Fantasy football season is just around the corner, and as you start to run mock drafts and find your sleepers you’ll be targeting in round 15 and on, it’s important to take a look at the incoming rookie class to see where you can get instant impact, who might be a good stash for your playoff push, and who to avoid entirely. Here we’ll go position by position with my top 3 targets at each position, and a dark horse option.

Nason’s 2020 NFL Rookie Predictions

With team facilities beginning to open and it looking more and more likely that we will have football this fall (whether with or without fans still yet to be determined), it’s time to take a look at how the 2020 NFL draft class will fair in the big leagues their 1st year. Here are my predictions for offensive and defensive rookie of the year, and my all rookie teams.

Nason’s Way Too Early 2021 Mock Draft

After taking some time to decompress from the 2020 NFL Draft season, I’m ready to get after 2021! This year’s draft gave us a Heisman winner and national champion taken number one, a franchise changing pass rusher taken second, and a generational defensive back taken third, and all three of them happen to be former Ohio State Buckeyes (the fan in me had to point that out). Next year features some incredibly talented quarterbacks, another strong and deep wide receiver class, and talent all over the offensive and defensive side of the ball. With that being said, here’s my first mock draft of the 2021 cycle!

Nason’s 2020 NFL Draft Grades

The 2020 NFL Draft has come and gone, and for some fans, it was a great 3 days, while for others, it’s left them head scratching and wondering what in the world their teams front office was thinking this week. Here are my grades for each team’s draft haul of 2020.

Nason’s NFL Mock Draft 7.0 – Draft Day Edition (Final Mock)

Happy Draft Day! Even after months of speculation, big boards, and mock drafts, I still have no idea what is going to happen tonight thanks to Covid-19. Pro Days were cancelled, teams couldn’t meet in person with players, and, most importantly, teams weren’t able to have their doctors meet with players. Outside of the first …

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Nason’s 2020 NFL Mock Draft 6.0 – What Will Happen Vs. What Should Happen

We’re almost there folks. The NFL Draft is less than 2 weeks away and with most Pro Days cancelled and teams unable to interview players in person, it’s becoming harder and harder to predict what is going to happen on April 23rd. With that being said, I decided to have a little fun with the …

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