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Three Mistakes The Bruins Must Avoid To Prevent A Game 7

Game 6 should not have been possible. The Panthers should be packing their things to return to Florida but the Bruins shouldn’t be going with them. The regular season powerhouse B’s have made costly mistakes that have extended this series one or two games longer than it should be. There are certain aspects of their game that need adjusting in order to prevent the President’s Trophy curse.

NHL Trade Deadline: Who The Bruins Should Watch For

With the NHL trade deadline less than two months away, it’s never too early to scout potential pieces to this contending Bruins team. As of today, the Bruins are currently leading the NHL in the standings with a solid 11-point cushion separating them from the Carolina Hurricanes. Dominating the regular season is great but none of it matters if the team doesn’t succeed in the postseason. Just ask Toronto Maple Leafs fans.

Bruins’ Comeback Not Enough in Cassidy’s Return

When you’re second in the league standings, it’s okay to eat a loss every now and then. Tonight’s heavyweight matchup between the Vegas Golden Knights, third in league standings, and the Boston Bruins lived up to the expectations. The Bruins’ three-game win streak and 14-game home streak ends as they lost in a shootout. However, this game had more meaning.