Logan Gage

MLB Playoffs Opening Slate Gambling Picks

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year… the MLB playoffs. We’ve waited oh so long for this day and now it’s here and better than ever, from a gamblers eye view. The days 9 team playoffs are over for now and we have been given the 16 team playoff format and I’m salivating at this slate we have in round one. Time to fill some pockets, LETS RIDE!

Blaming Brad Stevens Is Ignorant

The blame game is a dangerous game. The Celtics have been a huge disappointment this series and for some reason Celtic fans are placing the blame on Brad Stevens. I for one am dumbfounded by these takes, in my mind Brad is the last person we should be blaming.

Free Money Picks of the Day: 9/23/20

I’m up so unbelievably big right now it’s unfair… my bookie had to get a loan to pay me! I’m the definition of a gambling God, that dodgeball scene in Billy Madison is the only way to describe my relationship with bookies, I’m just straight up murdering them. The Celtics are back tonight and that means I’m back big time.

NFL Week 2 Gambling Picks

Football, oh football, how will you make us rich today? We’ve got picks glory ladies and gents, this is the Sunday we murder the bookies! I’m talking ruthless, we don’t leave them a dim, let’s ride!

9/17 NFL, NBA, MLB Gambling Picks

After three long days off… I’m back! We’re coming in looking to heat back up, I’ve been giving you all winners left and right and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. That’s just the kind of guy I am. Now, we got some NFL, NBA, and MLB picks to get too!

NFL Opening Day Free Money Picks

Welcome to the finest Sunday of the year, NFL opening day! My god do we have a slate in store and it couldn’t come at a better time as I’m unbelievably hot right now. Now more than ever I am needed, follow me to the fountain of money. LET’S RIDE!

Patriots Hype Videos Taking You Into The New Era

In less than 24 hours the greatest team in the history of the NFL begins a new era in their franchise for the first time in 20 years… the Cam Newton era. Every year in the hours leading to kickoff I find it extremely hard to contain my excitement and I find myself looking for an outlet and end up watching far too many hours worth of Pats hype videos. This is the most excited I’ve been for a Patriots season in a while and that’s saying a lot, so I’ve decided to share my favorite past time with you all. Time to get amped all the way up!

9/11 Free Money Picks: NBA, NHL, MLB

We’re soooooo back right now! Last night our pick percentage was .500, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. We hit big time on a parlay that got clinched by one point on a garbage time TD, by Houston, making it a huge night for the boys. We’re gonna stay hot again tonight, this slate is calling my name, SO HARD! Let’s Ride!

9/10 Free Money Picks: NFL Opening Day and MLB Slate

Last night was brutal for the brand. We got absolutely hosed by the referees in the Celtics game, the under and Celtics money line were locked in, but then Kemba didn’t get a foul call after being demolished with 2 seconds left and then they gave Toronto a timeout during a clear jump ball, that would’ve given the Celtics another shot. Fortunately, there is no time to dwell anymore, we have to brush it off and get ready to dominate today! Today is the day, we’re gonna dominate this slate, because that’s what we do!

9/9 Free Money Picks

Another day another dollar, or in this case all the dollars. All I do is give you all free money, the least you could do in return is take it! We’ve got a wild slate of games today, but not to worry I’ve got you all covered with the winners needed to unlock that free money. LET’S RIDE!