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It’s Time To Give The Greatest Postseason Pitcher Ever His Spot In Cooperstown

The 2021 MLB Hall of Fame ballot has been announced and many Baseball legends are crossing their fingers that they get that Legendary phone call in January when the inductees are announced. If you didn’t know every ballot member gets 10 years on the ballot and after that, it’s over and those players will no longer get a chance at baseball immortality.

Are Black Friday Hot Stove Deals on the Horizon for the Red Sox?

The 2020 awards have now all been officially announced and that means we are that much closer to my favorite part of the year… Hot Stove season. But the thing is this year is unique compared to previous years, especially if you are a Red Sox fan. The 2020 offseason and regular season were brutal times for Sox fans, to say the least, we lost one of the best homegrown players in franchise history due to impending cap penalties, we saw our two best pitchers go down with health issues, and to cap it all off we were given a miserable on field product from start to finish, but now that all changes. The cap has reset, we got OUR manager back, and our guru Chaim Bloom is ready to bring his Tampa magic to a franchise with actual money.

Why The Patriots ARE Contenders

For the last week all we have heard out of the Boston media and even some national media, is about how the Patriots are not contenders. Sure they are 2-3 coming off a loss to a bad team, but to judge them off that record after everything that has happened is truly the definition of laziness.

Patriots Shopping List

As we head into week 6 of the NFL the Patriots are 2-2 and despite their record, they appear to be one of the top teams in the league. That being said they still have some needs that could be addressed. Every year the Pats are the center of attention at the deadline, linked to the biggest names, unfortunately for us fans it’s not always the big names that Bill goes after. Nevertheless, their will be moves made in the next couple of weeks, so let’s take a look at some potential pieces.

Trevor Bauer is the Most Influential Man in Baseball

Throughout the history of baseball there have been many players that have changed the game, they brought eyes to the screen and put asses in seats. Griffey, Ruth, Bonds, Clemente…. those are a few of the names that will forever be part of the story of baseball because without those guys the game isn’t what it is today.

MLB Playoffs Opening Slate Gambling Picks

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year… the MLB playoffs. We’ve waited oh so long for this day and now it’s here and better than ever, from a gamblers eye view. The days 9 team playoffs are over for now and we have been given the 16 team playoff format and I’m salivating at this slate we have in round one. Time to fill some pockets, LETS RIDE!

Blaming Brad Stevens Is Ignorant

The blame game is a dangerous game. The Celtics have been a huge disappointment this series and for some reason Celtic fans are placing the blame on Brad Stevens. I for one am dumbfounded by these takes, in my mind Brad is the last person we should be blaming.

Free Money Picks of the Day: 9/23/20

I’m up so unbelievably big right now it’s unfair… my bookie had to get a loan to pay me! I’m the definition of a gambling God, that dodgeball scene in Billy Madison is the only way to describe my relationship with bookies, I’m just straight up murdering them. The Celtics are back tonight and that means I’m back big time.

NFL Week 2 Gambling Picks

Football, oh football, how will you make us rich today? We’ve got picks glory ladies and gents, this is the Sunday we murder the bookies! I’m talking ruthless, we don’t leave them a dim, let’s ride!

9/17 NFL, NBA, MLB Gambling Picks

After three long days off… I’m back! We’re coming in looking to heat back up, I’ve been giving you all winners left and right and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. That’s just the kind of guy I am. Now, we got some NFL, NBA, and MLB picks to get too!