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Celtics Power Hour: Is It Officially Time To PANIC About Jayson Tatum!?

KJ and Ev talk about Jayson Tatum and make a bet on his performance…

Al Horford is Playing at an All-Star Level

Almost everything about the Celtics’ start to the season has been disappointing, but it hasn’t been all bad. Among the silver linings of the tumultuous start is the performance of Al Horford. It seemed like the Celtics trade of Kemba Walker was more about getting rid of his contract than it was about bringing Al Horford back to Boston. As it turns out, getting Horford back may have actually been an absolute steal. Now, Brad Stevens’ first big move as the team president is starting to be looked at a little differently.

Does DeSean Jackson to the Patriots Make Sense?

The Rams announced the release of wide receiver DeSean Jackson on Tuesday after they failed to find a deal on the trade market. Jackson made it clear that he wanted to seek opportunities elsewhere due to his limited role with the Rams. Usually, a 34 going on 35-year old wide receiver who is far past his prime claiming he deserves a bigger role would be looked at with nothing more than a dismissive roll of the eyes. However, Jackson’s situation feels…

The Celtics Never Should’ve Traded for Josh Richardson

Josh Richardson needs to play better. Richardson was, seemingly, Boston’s answer to not wanting to pay Evan Fournier in free agency. At the time, it didn’t seem like a bad call at all. Richardson’s contract was significantly cheaper, and what he lacked in Fournier’s scoring ability he made up for on defense. So far, Richardson hasn’t been the comparative value that he was hoped to be. However, the onus for his shortcomings doesn’t fall on Richardson as much as it falls on Ime Udoka and the Celtics.

5 Players Who Will Be First-Time NBA All-Stars This Season

The NBA season is in full swing and it’s been just about as wild as anyone could’ve hoped. The Lakers are as dysfunctional as anyone could’ve possible imagined, the theatre of the Ben Simmons saga at and outside of Sixers practices has been mesmerizing, and now Kyrie Irving’s vaccination status could stop one of the best super teams in league history from ever winning a title. Somehow, each and every NBA season is able to bring us something insane and unexpected that captivates us all.