KJ Doyle

The Wizards Should Trade for Blake Griffin

I can guarantee you one thing: this NBA offseason is sure to be unique. It might not possess the same level of drama that your typical NBA offseason has come to habituate, but it will certainly have some things we’ve never seen before. There’s an air of tentativeness hanging over the NBA offseason. Not only are teams posturing for the much more appealing free agent class of 2021, but many are adjusting on the fly as the cap for the 2020-21 season takes a hit due to the coronavirus. These and other factors may lead to an NBA offseason without much movement, but I do have one crazy idea for the Washington Wizards. They should trade for Blake Griffin.

5 Realistic Targets for the Celtics This Offseason

With the start of NBA free agency still somewhat ambiguous, it’s hard to really get a sense for what it will look like in the era of COVID-19. Will the ongoing pandemic pair with an unappetizing free agent class to result in a less than robust market? Will we see something less than the dramatics we’ve become accustomed to in years past?

Should the Patriots Trade Joe Thuney?

With the trade deadline approaching, New England has a decision to make. Will they be buyers or sellers? That Patriots playoff hopes aren’t exactly looking promising after falling to 2-4. However, even if they decide not to be sellers, they should still field offers for Joe Thuney.

Should the Patriots Trade for John Ross?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Patriots could use a receiver. New England currently ranks dead last in the NFL in yards from the wide receiver position. Their leading receiver over the last three games, Damiere Byrd, already has more yards this season than he did in his first three NFL seasons combined. It doesn’t help that an aging Julian Edelman is once again struggling with drops this season. It wouldn’t be a stretch to call the Patriots desperate for any help in their passing game at this point. One name to watch as the NFL trade deadline approaches is John Ross.

The NFL’s Power Brokers Aren’t Taking COVID-19 Seriously, They Just Desperately Want You to Think They Are

Back in May, as it became clear the COVID-19 pandemic was not going away anytime soon, businesses across the country were given a choice: Risk the spread of a deadly virus or lose money. As you might expect from a society falling apart at the seams, the latter was the prevailing choice. Some businesses have been able to operate safely without posing a significant threat to their employees or customers. Others haven’t.