KJ Doyle

The Red Sox 2021 Opening Day World Series Odds are Their Lowest of the 21st Century

As teams across Major League Baseball prepare for opening day, DraftKings has set their latest World Series odds for this season before things kick off on Thursday. The Red Sox sit at 50-1 odds, 11th worst in the league and their worst on opening day as a team in 35+ years, according to Sports Odds History.

Danny Ainge on How the Play-In Tournament Had an Unintended Impact on the Trade Deadline for the Celtics

Danny Ainge held a press conference early Friday morning to discuss the Celtics trade deadline moves. Abby Chin of NBC Sports Boston asked if the presence of the play-in tournament for the final spots in each conference’s playoff picture, a new reality for teams to consider at the trade deadline, made it more difficult to get deals done:

Kemba Walker is Not Doing Nearly as Poorly as People Would Have You Believe

Talking about Kemba Walker “not being the same player that he was last year” has been one of the most popular sports topics around Boston this season. As Walker continues to battle knee issues, a large portion of the blame for the Celtics disappointing season has been placed on his shoulders. However, after looking at the numbers, Walker doesn’t appear to be struggling as much as everyone thinks he is.