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4 Players for the Celtics to Target in a Potential Marcus Smart Trade

important decisions they have to make this offseason. Perhaps at the top of the list is what to do with Marcus Smart. With Smart set to be a free agent after next season, the Celtics need to decide now if he’s in their future plans. If the answer is no (whether because of fit or money), they need to explore what options are available to them on the trade market. After letting numerous players walk in free agency for nothing, Boston can’t afford to do the same with Smart.

14 Reasons Why the NBA Draft Lottery is Rigged

The NBA Draft Lottery isn’t rigged. Sorry to break it to you. There are so many practical and logistical reasons why it couldn’t be rigged, but for clear proof, look no further than the NBA’s YouTube channel. First, representatives from every team, members of the media, and an independent accounting firm oversee the entire process. In recent years, the league has even gone as far as to record the entire proceeding and post it on their YouTube channel. Just watch for yourself.

Who Will Lead the Patriots in Receptions in 2021?

McDaniels’ offense has undergone quite the makeover. The disappointment from failing to land Julio Jones despite being the favorites to land the eventual Hall of Fame receiver has overshadowed New England’s spectacular offseason. On top of bringing back Trent Brown and drafting a (potential) new starting quarterback, the Patriots have reshaped their entire array of weapons. If New England had traded for Jones, there would be less debate about which player would take the reins as the top target. With two star tight ends, a couple of average additions at receiver, and a few more players returning to the passing attack, who should be expected to be the main target in the passing attack?

Top Candidates Emerge for Celtics Head Coaching Vacancy

With Brad Stevens filling Danny Ainge’s role as the Celtics new President of Basketball Operations, the search for new head coach is on. Media and fans alike have spent the last 12 hours hurling the names of candidate after candidate out there, some with merit and others without, but the two favorites who have emerged should be somewhat familiar to Celtics fans. Sam Cassell and Chauncey Billups.

2021 Red Sox First-Third of the Season Report Card

Give or take a few games here or there for various teams around Major League Baseball, we’re approximately one-third of the way through the MLB season! It’s been a pretty solid one for the Red Sox all things considered. They currently sit 2.0 games out of first place in the American League and hold the top Wild Card spot. It’s time to hand out some grades for the first trimester to some of the key players this season. Here are the 14 individuals I deemed worth grading on their performances so far: