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Is LeBron James a Top 5 Player of All Time? Paul Pierce Doesn’t Think So (UNLEASHED Ep. 67)

Paul Pierce has come out with his top 5 list of NBA players and LeBron James was on mentioned. Do you agree with Pierce, or do you believe LeBron deserves a spot on the list? The Last Dance documentary has also come to an end and all sports fans are bummed. We looked forward to that every week and now poof… it is gone. That and much more on this episode of UNLEASHED!

Remember When: Jayson Tatum Dropped 39 Points on the Best Defender in the League

This was THE GAME that propelled Tatum into the bonafide superstar conversation. Sure, he had some huge nights prior to this game. However, when you have a guy like Kawhi Leonard covering you in the fourth quarter and you still find yourself making clutch bucket after clutch bucket, there is no denying you belong in this league. Not only was Tatum dropping in everything he shot, he was absolutely locking up Kawhi Leonard. Tatum was playing both ends superbly in a back-and-forth late-game situation against one of the best players and best teams in the entire league.