Rob Greene


Dennis Schröder Has “Celtic” in His Game

“I think that’s the first thing you have to state is, his competitive sprit, his fight, his swag. I think that wins for you.”

Best Free Agent Destinations for Kyle Lowry

“He’s a complete jackass on the court, and he’s probably one of the best teammates I’ve ever had,”

The six-time All-Star had 16 games in 20-21 where he scored 20 points or more, and 11 with 10 or more assists. Signs were really showing that the Raptors were intending to move in a different direction as Lowry was inactive for 18 of the final 24 games of the season. 

Why Rajon Rondo Could Be the Clippers Missing Link

As if it weren’t already weird enough to see Rondo hold up the Larry O’Brien Trophy with LeBron James when the Lakers had tied the Celtics for their 17th championship in the bubble, add more to the list of greats that he’s played with throughout his career now as a part of Clipper nation.