Anna Horford Has a Message for Boston Sports Talk Radio After Gordon Hayward’s Baby Announcement

Gordon Hayward informed the media on Friday that he would be leaving the Orlando bubble for the birth of his fourth child in September, even if the Celtics were in the midst of a playoff battle. The sister of former Celtics center Al Horford tweeted out her support for Hayward and called out a particular individual relating to comments he made in the past about her brother:

Radio host Mike Felger was publicly shamed after criticizing Al Horford for leaving the Celtics for the birth of his child in 2016: “Al Horford, your $30 million dollar man… sat out tonight because he had the birth of his kid, was it yesterday? He had the birth of his kid in Atlanta, the game was in Miami. I know when you make $30 million a year it ain’t much to get a private jet, Wyc [Grousbeck] would probably pick it up, to fly down at 3 o’clock from Atlanta, it’s a 90-minute flight to Miami, play the game and come right back.” After some back and forth, Felger ended the segment by saying, “I think it’s just a little soft. Go play the game for god sake.”

Anna Horford took exception to Felger’s comments back then and clearly hasn’t forgotten three and a half years later.

Felger has yet to comment on Hayward’s announcement that he will miss playoff games due to the birth of his child.

Photo: (Mary Altaffer- AP Photo)

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