A Message to the Alex Cora Haters

As you all know by now, Alex Cora was re-hired as the manager of the Boston Red Sox in a move that many fans wanted to see happen. But of course, there are some fans that are disgusted by it.

To those fans, don’t blame this on Chaim Bloom and don’t blame this on Alex Cora. It’s absolutely understandable for you to be angry that Cora cheated as a member of the Houston Astros coaching staff. He will always be accountable for the role he had in the scandal as the Astros bench coach in 2017.

But he served his one-year suspension issued by the commissioner and just like A.J. Hinch, he was free to get back into baseball. The Red Sox, on the other hand, relieved him of his duties after the investigation was complete on their own because they understood the severity of the issue.

They also elevated Ron Roenicke to be the club’s manager and the team ultimately went in another direction after a horrible season. Cora was available to be interviewed for the job at season’s end and it wasn’t handed to him like some fans believe. Bloom interviewed at least eight other big league coaches other than Cora and he was seriously considering Sam Fuld. This was the same process Cora had to go through before he got the managerial job the first time prior to the 2018 season.

“Our conversations were lengthy, intense, and emotional,” Bloom said in a statement explaining Boston’s interview process. “Alex knows that what he did was wrong, and he regrets it. My belief is that every candidate should be considered in full: strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments and failures. That is what I did with Alex in making this choice.”

Cora has acknowledged his wrongdoings and in his statement after being hired, he was sincerely apologetic. “This past year, I have had time to reflect and evaluate many things, and I recognize how fortunate I am to lead this team once again,” Cora continued. “Not being a part of the game of baseball, and the pain of bringing negative attention to my family and this organization was extremely difficult. I am sorry for the harm my past actions have caused and will work hard to make this organization and its fans proud.”

Both Cora and ownership realize that Cora can’t mess up again or else his baseball career will be over. At the same time John Henry, Tom Werner, and Sam Kennedy also realize how talented Cora is and that he’s the best guy to lead the team moving forward.

If there is anybody that the Cora haters should blame, it is Major League Baseball for not giving him a long enough suspension. But Cora served the year-long suspension that was given to him and now he has the ability to become the Red Sox manager again. And that’s what happened.

The Red Sox are a better team with Cora on the stop step than without him.

(Photo courtesy of Gerald Herbert/AP)

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